The Enormous Power of Past Success

I was checking my voice mail yesterday and received a message that was short and sweet. It said: “My name is Ken Shapiro. I’m the writer, director, producer and star of the motion picture ‘The Groove Tube’. Please call me back at …”

Interesting. The writer, director, producer and star of a motion picture?

My curiosity was aroused so I went to Google and looked up “The Groove Tube”. I discovered that Ken Shapiro was indeed all of the things he said he was and that Chevy Chase, a very famous American actor, had is debut film appearance in the movie. My mind determined that Ken Shapiro was a force to be reckoned with so I gave him a call.

It turns out that Ken found me online and was seeking some guidance on how to promote his new project at “Bed Books” is a very interesting innovation and I must admit that I’ve often wanted to lay on my side in bed and read a book, but that’s not a very comfortable thing to do. Thus, Ken’s unique idea and business has the potential to really take off.

In our brief conversation, we exchanged pleasantries and I gave Ken a few tips on getting publicity for his site. He’s obviously a guy who takes action on his ideas so I expect that he’ll take the information I gave him and put it into motion immediately. If so, you’ll be hearing a lot more about Ken and in the near future. In exchange for my time and advice, Ken said he is sending me a “Bed Book” to try out.

What’s interesting about my conversation with Ken is my motivation for having it in the first place. Considering that I receive an overwhelming amount of voice mails every single day and that I’m rarely able to call anyone back on the phone personally, why did I choose to pick up the phone and call Ken on my dime?

The answer is because Ken had established that he was already successful. Because of the accomplishment of making “The Groove Tube” movie in which Chevy Chase appeared back in 1972 I determined that calling Ken would be, at the very least, interesting. I also sensed that there could be the possibility for me to benefit in some way because I perceived Ken to be powerful and influential.

I was right. Ken is powerful. He’s a doer. He makes things happen and I respect him for that. In this world, it’s the dreamers that take action and persist until they succeed that get my attention. That’s why I called Ken and that’s also why he was able to benefit from a free consultation with me. In that discussion, I gave Ken some very specific advice for marketing his website that has the potential to bring him all the business he can handle.

The point to take home is that Ken’s previous success in the movie business made it a lot easier for him to get the information and resources he needs to succeed in his new venture. In other words, past success has power.

When I first started my Internet business it was not easy. In fact, it was downright difficult. I spent thousands of dollars on credit trying to learn the game and acquire the tools I needed to build my business. Everything was expensive and the people who I thought could help me grow my business the most wouldn’t give me the time of day. I was a nobody in this world.

However, I was persistent and by leveraging my financial and creative resources I was finally able to make my first sale online. Once that occurred, I simply focused on what I did right and did more of it. My sales continued to grow and I was becoming successful.

From those initial small successes, I was able to continue building my knowledge. I realized that once I had knowledge, I could share it. By sharing my knowledge with others, I was able to become an expert. As an expert, people were attracted to me. Through that attraction, I was able to sell more goods and services. I was becoming *very* successful.

Then other experts got attracted to me. They started giving me their products and services for free. They were also open to the possibility of working together. The same products and services that I could barely afford in the beginning of my career and the same people who wouldn’t give me the time of day before, were now becoming as freely available to me as oxygen itself.

Why? The answer is simple. I was already successful.

Is it easier for the rich to get richer? Absolutely. Is it easier for successful people to become more successful? Definitely. The momentum has already been established. Money attracts more money and success attracts greater success.

Before you get cynical, first consider the fact that most of the rich and successful people in this world started with nothing but their ideas and enthusiasm. They were able to use that energy and put it into motion to create their own success.

In most cases, the path they traveled was riddled with moments of confusion, struggle and failure. But they persisted and with each small success their path got easier and easier to travel until they eventually paved it and turned that path into a “success super-highway” that now allows them to travel and succeed with ease.

The enormous power of past success is that it can and will catapult you toward greater success in the future. Use everything in your power right now to create some initial success and then roll that success forward to create more success in your life. You will ultimately discover this is a very easy thing to do.

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